Is Linux kernel design outdated?
Linux has made great strides over the years, advancing far beyond where it was when it started.

But one redditor recently wondered if Linux was suffering from outdated kernel design. He asked his question in the Linux subreddit and got some interesting answers.Ronis_BR started the thread with these comments:
I have been a Linux user since 2004.
I know a lot about how to use the system, but I do not understand too much about what is under the hood of the kernel.

Actually, my knowledge stops in how to compile my own kernel.However, I would like to ask to computer scientists here how outdated is Linux kernel with respect to its design? I mean, it was started in 1992 and some characteristics did not change. On the other hand, I guess the state of the art of OS kernel design (if this exists…) should have advanced a lot.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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