Enlarge / John Oliver takes on FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in net neutrality segment. (credit: HBO Last Week Tonight)
Comedian John Oliver has once again asked his viewers to fight on behalf of net neutrality, and the Federal Communications Commission website wasn’t able to handle the immediate influx of angry comments.
On HBO’s Last Week Tonight, Oliver yesterday announced a new URL, gofccyouself.com, that redirects to the FCC proposal to eliminate net neutrality rules. (Clicking “Express” is the easiest way to submit a comment.) The comments website promptly crashed, making it difficult or impossible to file comments last night and this morning.

The comments site has started working, but only intermittently.
Oliver first tackled net neutrality in June 2014, causing the FCC comments site to crash.

The site struggled again later that year as the net neutrality debate winded down, forcing the commission to extend the comments deadline. The commission’s tech team has significantly upgraded the website and back-end systems since then, but the influence of John Oliver was still too much to handle without any downtime.
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