I wasn’t prepared to be so impressed by this trailer, but it’s undeniably great.
At last, we’ve gotten a good look at the cast and plot of Blade Runner 2049, the sequel we never knew we wanted to Ridley Scott’s iconic cyberpunk thriller.
In this trailer, we can see that director Denis Villeneuve (Arrival) is developing his own style and expanding the universe of the first film far beyond its original boundaries.
The original Blade Runner from 1982 is deliberately claustrophic, keeping our point of view tightly encased in the rainy, polluted urban landscape of Los Angeles. We only see broad vistas when we ascend the gleaming pyramid occupied by Tyrell Corporation founder Eldon Tyrell.
Immediately, the trailer for Blade Runner 2049 gives us a much different view of the world. Yes, there are the cityscapes with holographic ladies, as well as a giant Atari logo that looks like it’s about to eat the universe.

But there are also dramatic deserts, perhaps signs of profound climate change. We even see Officer K (Ryan Gosling) uncovering a date inscribed on a buried tree branch, and later he’s in some kind of forest gunfight (though that forest might be a hologram).

Director Villeneuve made excellent use of landscape in Arrival, so it’s great to see that he’s doing that here, too.
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