Mario Kart 8 Deluxe only needed a few days to prove that good Wii U games play better—and sell better—on the Nintendo Switch.

Coincidentally, the next major game for Switch seems poised to capitalize on the same idea: Minecraft, which officially goes on sale this Thursday, May 11, for $30.
How big of a whoop can the zillionth port of Minecraft really be? Consider this rough VGChartz estimate for Wii U game sales worldwide. Minecraft is the only true third-party game to crack Nintendo’s ironclad grip on the console’s top 20 games (yes, Nintendo produced the other 19), and it did so despite being available for less than two years.
Add in the sales proposition of splitting your Minecraft time of creating and adventuring between home and portable use, and you’ve got a potential super-hit. Unless Mojang or Microsoft screwed this up.
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