Soon, you’ll be able to use overdesigned gaming keyboards like this instead of overdesigned control pads on the Xbox One.
It’s been nearly a year since Microsoft’s Phil Spencer promised we were “not years away, it’s more like months away” from full support for mouse and keyboard controls on the Xbox One.

At the Build Conference this week, Microsoft confirmed that full support for keyboards (but not mice) on the console will be available through UWP cross-platform development and the still-in-preview Xbox Live Creators Program.
“I’ve actually spoken to two developers in the last week that have actually expressed interest in implementing keyboard support on the console,” Microsoft’s Senior Program Manager for Game Developers Andrew Parsons said in a technical presentation at the conference. “They’ve got games they’ve published on Windows and they want to publish on console, but the game kind of needs chat, or kind of needs the ability to type in a bunch of text.”
“Yeah, you could put it on a chatpad on a controller, but it’s not really the experience they are hoping for, and they feel it would probably diminish the experience on their game,” he continued. “Having the ability to use a UWP game and put it on a console with direct keyboard support really excites them, so that’s something to think about.”
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