The Samsung Z4 is Tizen’s new flagship smartphone

Next week, most of the tech press will be focused on Google I/O 2017, Google’s big developer conference.

But Samsung just happens to be holding its own competing conference at the same time: the Tizen Developer Conference 2017. Here, developers will (supposedly) gather to talk about the latest Tizen OS improvements and development practices.

To celebrate, Samsung announced a new flagship Tizen smartphone today, the Samsung Z4.
While Samsung uses Google’s Android OS in nearly all of its smartphones, the company has been building a Linux-based OS of its own, called Tizen, for some time now.

Tizen runs on Samsung’s smartwatches, fitness devices, TVs, smart appliances, and a tiny handful of smartphones. We reviewed the first-ever Tizen smartphone, the Samsung Z1, back in 2015, and we weren’t impressed.
It felt like a hollow copy of Android without any apps, so why not just run Android? Tizen is apparently not very secure, either, with a security researcher saying, “It may be the worst code I’ve ever seen,” and “Everything you can do wrong there, they do it.” A WikiLeaks data dump even claimed that the CIA can turn Samsung’s (Tizen-based) smart TVs into remote listening devices.
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