Top SpaceX employee throws shade at just about all of his competitorsEnlarge / On March 31 SpaceX made the world’s first reflight of an orbital class rocket. (credit: SpaceX)
About 10 days ago, a founding employee of SpaceX, Tom Mueller, made a Skype call to a group of “fans” of the company with the New York University Astronomy Society.

The call was recorded and posted to
It garnered little attention until Saturday, when a user on the SpaceX subreddit called attention to it.
Although the provenance of the 54-minute call is not entirely clear, there is no question it is Mueller speaking, and he is doing so in a rare, unfiltered way.

The 15-year employee of SpaceX, who is now the company’s Propulsion Chief Technology Officer, says things that many of SpaceX’s employees probably feel, but which are nonetheless impolitic.
In other words, Mueller throws shade at just about everyone.

For example, of the company’s most immediate rival, United Launch Alliance, Mueller has this to say: “The cost that the government cost-plus programs charge for their rockets is just ridiculous.”
During an approximately 30-minute monologue, which was followed by a QA, Mueller expands on what it was like to work at a start-up rocket company when the field was populated primarily by large aerospace companies and government entities, and to eventually come out on top. “We really changed the industry,” he says. “The other guys are really scrambling.
It’s pretty funny to watch.” The call originates about a month after SpaceX’s historic flight of a reused rocket.
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