Welcome to the latest edition of the Google Tracker, an annual series where we chronicle Google’s and Alphabet’s attempts to take over every aspect of modern life. With Google I/O happening in just a few days (Wednesday, May 17), we wanted to round up everything we know (or everything we think we know) that Google is working on.
So the following is a heady mix of past announcements, acquisitions, software teardowns, rumors from reliable sources, and some speculation. We’re not claiming everything (or anything) in this list will launch at I/O—timing aside, this is simply everything we’ve heard Google is working on.
Table of Contents

Android O Developer Preview 2 and other Android features

“Copyless Paste” comes to Gboard

Android Pay goes hands free

Android One comes to the US

What exactly do “Android Extensions” do?

Google’s two “post-app” projects make progress

New Android TV and Android Wear features at I/O

Google Hardware, year two

The Google Home/Google Wi-Fi combo device

Three(!) new Pixel phones

A standalone VR headset

Things the Google Hardware team should probably make

Android in your car

The Google Assistant comes to Android Auto

Android Automotive—The Android Car OS

Google’s Other OSes

Fuchsia—Google’s second smartphone OS dumps Linux

Android for PCs—is the “Andromeda” Chrome OS/Android hybrid still happening?

Google Allo’s futile attempt to become relevant

Google takes on Slack with (yet another version of) Hangouts

Will Google Play ever arrive in China?

Chrome gets an ad blocker?!

Material Design on the Web

Alphabet’s “fiscal discipline era” starts a moonshot massacre

Waymo—Building a totally-integrated self-driving vehicle solution

Verily—The “Google Healthcare” division is actually doing well

Calico—Death still isn’t cured

DeepMind would like to play a game

Will Nest ever ship a new product?

Sidewalk Labs wants to build… a smart city?!

Is anything left of ATAP?

The futuristic Google Campus is finally under construction

Tune in May 17 for even more Googleyness!

Android O Developer Preview 2 and other Android features

Google Tracker 2017—All the stuff Google has in the works ahead of Google I/OThe Android O logo.

Just like last year, the big Android developer preview release happened before I/O, taking a bit of the excitement out of the event.

The first Android O Developer Preview launched in March, so what’s left for I/O? Google published a roadmap for future Android O releases and slotted the second developer preview in between “May” and “June.” Conveniently, that happens to be when Google I/O is. We’d say it’s a lock for the second preview to be introduced at the show.
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