Could we ever get a bonafide Call of Duty, Battlefield, or Halo game in virtual reality? Sony’s latest PlayStation VR game Farpoint is at its most compelling when it teases us with a resounding “yes” to that question.
I mean, by golly, we have it now: a VR gun game where you use a joystick to run, aim a gun with your hands, blast bad guys, and feel like a not-sick-at-all badass. Nausea, comfort, and immersion all work in Farpoint‘s favor when the game fires on all cylinders. PlayStation VR owners may feel moved to buy it just to see this long-awaited promise come to fruition. (Farpoint can be purchased with a brand-new PlayStation VR Aim Controller; we’ll also explore just how unnecessary the controller turns out to be—and how good that is for the future of PSVR games.)
But that purchase won’t be met with a full game that merits “legendary” or even “damned good” status. The design team at Impulse Gear Studios clearly devoted a lot of resources to nailing the feel of sit-down VR combat, and that focus has apparently left some basic gameplay and plot issues unresolved.
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