UploadVR set up “kink room” at the office, says ex-employee in lawsuitEnlarge / Will Mason is UploadVR’s co-founder and president, and is one of the parties named in the lawsuit. (credit: eVRydayVR)
A San Francisco-based news startup, UploadVR, has been sued by a former employee, who alleged a long list of inappropriate behavior at the workplace, including gender discrimination and sexual harassment.
The case comes at a time when a number of high profile examples of gender discrimination and inappropriate behavior among Silicon Valley tech firms have been in the news. Notably, earlier this year, an ex-Uber engineer sued her former employer over allegations of sexual harassment.
The UploadVR lawsuit, which was first reported Monday by TechCrunch, was filed by Elizabeth Scott, the company’s ex-head of social media.

According to LinkedIn, Scott worked at the company from April 2016 until March 2017. Scott claims that numerous male employees, including Will Mason, the company’s president, and Taylor Freeman, the company’s CEO, openly and regularly discussed their own state of sexual arousal due to the presence of their female colleagues, “and how it was hard to concentrate and be productive when all they could think about was having sex with them.”
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