Destiny 2 gameplay debuts, brings sci-fi co-op combat directly to EarthEnlarge (credit: Sam Machkovech)
LOS ANGELES—After more than a year of teases, Destiny 2 finally received a gameplay reveal on Thursday.
In news that will probably shock no one, the online-shooter sequel sure looks a lot like the original Destiny, only with serious polish applied.
The original game’s three distinct classes of Titan, Hunter, and Warlock return with the kind of sequel start-over twist that explains why returning Destiny players would start over: their home of the Citadel has been overtaken.

The game’s opening mission, which Bungie revealed at the event, sees players jump in with high-level weapons and powers, only to die at the hands of Red Legion boss Dominus Gall.

Destiny 2 gameplay reveal.

“In one fell swoop, [players] lose their powers, their homes, and what may be saddest of all, their vaults,” game director Luke Smith told the Los Angeles crowd.
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