2018 Audi SQ5: A danger to sports sedans or window dressing over good bones?

There’s a danger with SUVs, but not the kind you might suspect.
Should any lingering doubts exist that SUVs have inherited the automotive Earth, chew on this: Audi, the most recent luxury brand to the SUV playpen in the US, now counts 24 percent of all its USA sales from the Q5 column.

But that’s not dangerous. One other luxury car brand offers a staggering five different SUV models.

But even that’s not dangerous.
The danger is that, through better suspension (including sophisticated electronics that change to your whim or situational input) and better tires, SUVs are getting closer and closer in performance level to sports sedans.

The danger is that even though the SUV already killed the American station wagon market, it’s not satisfied.

The SUV is coming after the hot sports sedan.
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