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Amid a national shortage of a critical medicine, US hospitals are hoarding vials, delaying surgeries, and turning away patients, The New York Times reports.

The medicine in short supply: solutions of sodium bicarbonate—aka, baking soda.
The simple drug is used in all sorts of treatments, from chemotherapies to those for organ failure.
It can help correct the pH of blood and ease the pain of stitches.
It is used in open-heart surgery, can help reverse poisonings, and is kept on emergency crash carts.

But, however basic and life-saving, the drug has been in short supply since around February.
The country’s two suppliers, Pfizer and Amphastar, ran low following an issue with one of Pfizer’s suppliers—the issue was undisclosed due to confidentiality agreements.

Amphastar’s supplies took a hit with a spike in demand from desperate Pfizer customers.

Both companies told the NYT that they don’t know when exactly supplies will be restored.

They speculate that it will be no earlier than June or August.
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