Facebook content moderation guidelines leakedEnlarge / A wall of user photos form a Facebook logo at the company’s data center in Lulea, Sweden. (credit: JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/AFP/Getty Images)
Just as the Tories—in their bid to form the next UK government—push for greater policing of free content ad networks, a trove of documents revealing the secret guidelines used by Facebook’s moderators to deal with posts from child abuse to suicide to terrorist propaganda has been leaked online.

The Guardian published the Facebook files on Sunday night.
It reported some disturbing findings about what can and can’t be moderated on Facebook, after the newspaper was passed more than 100 internal training manuals that included spreadsheets and flowcharts on how the Mark Zuckerberg-run company deals with hate speech, violence, self-harm, and a whole range of other issues.
So, it’s absolutely fine—under Facebook rules—to leave up a violent, deeply misogynistic post that reads: “To snap a bitch’s neck, make sure to apply all your pressure to the middle of the throat.” Likewise for comments such as “kick a person with red hair,” or “let’s beat up fat kids.” But one that carries a message such as “Someone shoot Trump” is banned from the site, with moderators being advised to remove such a post.
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