How Destiny 2 is leading to gold devaluation in World of WarcraftCareful, friend… while you were sleeping, the real-world value of that gold pile just went down a bit.
Activision’s decision to sell Destiny 2 through Blizzard’s (or the Blizzard app, if you insist on calling it that) is already having ripple effects throughout the platform. Look no further than World of Warcraft, where the real-world value of in-game gold has sunk quickly in the wake of the announcement, according to the tracker at
The in-game auction price of a WoW Token—which can be exchanged for $15 in credit on other games—settled at around 120,000 gold pieces on North American servers this morning.

That’s up from a price of about 110,000 gold pieces just before the Destiny 2 announcement threw the market into turmoil, causing the Token price to briefly spike to over 140,000 gold on Thursday evening.
The result looks to be about a 7 percent decline in the real-world buying power of a piece of WoW gold in less than a week. Put another way, the functional price of a $60 copy of Destiny 2 in WoW gold jumped from just under 450,000 gold pieces to just over 480,000 in a matter of days.

An incredibly focused, min-maxing gold farmer could still earn that gold in a month or two of dedicated WoW play, though.
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