isn’t anymore, even if Blizzard calls it Battle.netEnlarge / Seriously, Blizzard, what are we supposed to call this thing?
It has been over eight months now since Blizzard made the low-key announcement that it would be “transitioning away” from the longstanding branding in favor of a more generalized “Blizzard Tech” label.

And it has been two months since the Launcher was replaced with the identical “Blizzard Launcher” app (aka, the “Blizzard Desktop app”) that now powers everything from World of Warcraft to Heroes of the Storm.
So it was a bit confusing last week when Activision used the name repeatedly in announcing that Destiny 2 was coming to Blizzard’s online platform on the PC.

Blizzard seemed to ignore its own branding standards too: an official news post headlined “Destiny 2 Coming to!” uses the branding four times in the body text but doesn’t mention the “Blizzard Launcher” or “Blizzard app” or anything similar even once.
Polygon noticed this discrepancy too and got a Blizzard representative to give a short, vague statement as to the confusion. “It’s still Blizzard Launcher,” the rep told Polygon. “We made an exception for this announcement.”
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