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News broke earlier in May that Rebellion—the games and publishing company that owns 2000AD, the world’s greatest comic—has joined up with IM Global to bring more Judge Dredd to our screens.
In interviews since, Rebellion’s bosses have said that they hope to also adapt other 2000AD characters for live-action.

But thanks to some very dedicated fans out there, we’ve got something to tide us over until that happens: Search/Destroy: A Strontium Dog Fan Film.

Judge Dredd may well be 2000AD‘s best-known character: a hard-assed lawman of the future who’s more of an anti-hero than a role model.

But readers of the comic will know that Strontium Dog‘s Johnny Alpha is at least his equal.

Also created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra (who were responsible for Judge Dredd), he’s a mutant from about 60 years in Dredd’s future.
Alpha works as a bounty hunter for the Search/Destroy agency.
SD bounty hunters are all mutants, banished from an Earth that has been ravaged by more than one nuclear war in its time—hence, they’re more commonly known as “Strontium Dogs”—and Alpha’s radiation-induced gift are his glowing eyes, which can see through solid objects and even read the contents of someone’s mind.

Together with his partner (and Viking-out-of-time) Wolf Sternhammer, Alpha travels the galaxy (and sometimes through time) to do the dirty, difficult jobs no one else can manage.
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