120,000 movies, six minutes.

Ars takes the Scarecrow Video tour. (video link)
Despite fond memories running to Blockbuster as a kid, these days you probably have fewer video-store options while away at a cabin or vacation home this Memorial Day.

Another one of the formative shops for our staff—Dallas-based Premiere Video—shutter its doors just this month, in fact.
So as a tribute, let Ars remind you of our farewell tour at Seattle’s Scarecrow Video, whose shift to non-profit status managed to infuse new life into the shop.

This resurfaced report first ran in August 2014, but the video store continues to endure three years later.
SEATTLE—On a sunny August weeknight, Matt Lynch, a clerk at longtime Seattle rental store Scarecrow Video, grabbed a cup of ice from the shop’s relatively new coffee counter.

Cutely named VHS-presso, the counter was one of the shop’s many efforts in recent years to spur interest, attract more renters, and get people to walk into a video store once again.
There’s also the shop’s screening room, opened just over a year ago to host cult and niche movie nights by way of a giant screen, a smattering of speakers, and some comfy chairs. Lynch, among the shop floor’s elder statesmen at 12 years of experience, pulled one of those chairs out to sit and chew on ice while marveling at the room’s walls.

The shelves are full of classic VHS tapes.

The store prides itself on its vast VHS collection, totaling over 15,000 tapes at this point.

But neither that fact, nor the shop’s recent additions, resulted in more rentals or sales as of late.
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