Got an antenna and a tuner? You can now stream live TV with PlexEnlarge (credit: Plex)
A new streaming company is getting in on the live TV action.

Today Plex announced live TV streaming support for its Plex Pass members.

The streaming content service will now be able to stream live TV from over-the-air (OTA) providers directly through the Plex app.
Supported networks include major broadcast channels like ABC and CBS, giving subscribers one place where most of their streamable content can live.

Plex’s new live TV beta will be available for all users with a Plex Pass.

As long as you have an antenna and a digital tuner, you can stream HD digital broadcast channels, including local news and sports, from directly within the Plex app.

Any digital antenna will work with Plex, and the company is continuously working to add more tuner support.

Currently, all HDHomeRun models are compatible with Windows, Linux, Nvidia Shield, OS X, and NAS systems in the US, Europe, Australia, Africa, and Asia, while other tuner compatibility varies depending on platform. Plex Pass users don’t pay extra for live TV streaming—it’s bundled into the subscription just like other features, like DVR and cloud syncing. However, time-shifting features for live TV—including rewind and fast-forward—will not be available at launch, but they’ll come at a later date.
Until now, Plex only offered TV content through its DVR service, which is also coming out of beta today. While it wasn’t live TV, the service allowed Plex Pass holders to record free OTA broadcasts using SiliconDust HDHomeRun devices.

Those DVR recordings were available across all Plex Pass holders’ devices. Now with live TV integration, you can set which shows to record directly within any Plex app (previously, recorded shows had to be set through the Web app only) and watch them on any device associated with your Plex account.
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