Timelapse video of a LEGO Saturn V construction, recorded by Ron Zaguli.
(video link)
I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. Yes, I love LEGOs. (Who doesn’t?!?) I played with them extensively as a boy—building castles, X-wings, and battleships, and then throwing my entire collection into a large cloth bag to create entirely new things from the whole mess.

All the same, a few decades later, a Saturn V set with 1,969 pieces seemed a bit, shall we say, daunting?
Robert Pearlman, a friend and colleague who knows everything about space, had finagled a pre-release set from LEGO on the condition that his site, CollectSPACE, along with Ars and Space.com write about its construction. When he asked if I was interested, I jumped at the opportunity.

But then when Friday morning came and I showed up at Space Center Houston around 8am, I began to wonder. How long would this behemoth take for a rusty LEGO has-been like myself? (The experts at the Brothers Brick had needed five hours, after all). My wife and kids were counting on going to the aquarium that evening.
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