Enlarge / Prepare to unlock a new world of dimensional perception thanks to the mind-blowing VR app 4D Toys. (credit: 4D Toys)
I’m hesitant to describe a virtual reality experience as a “killer app” ever again, but I’m oh so tempted once more.
I just emerged from a glimpse into the fourth dimension by way of a VR experience, and I’m still amazed and perplexed by what I played with.
My extra-dimensional leap came courtesy of 4D Toys, which went live on Friday on the iOS App Store ($6 here) and the SteamVR Marketplace.
If you can pull it off, I strongly urge you to opt for the $15 VR version.
This immersive dive into the mathematical systems of a fourth dimension is actually a byproduct of a long-in-development video game called Miegakure.

The ambitious game demands that players figure out puzzles by moving a character through four dimensions of space, all viewed within the confines of a three-dimensional perspective.
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