Apple introduces a redesigned 10.5-inch iPad Pro starting at $649.99Enlarge / The ecosystem keeps growing.
SAN JOSE, Calif.—Apple’s WWDC isn’t usually about hardware, but the company used its keynote today to introduce a fairly major new product: a fully redesigned iPad Pro, designed to replace the current 9.7-inch tablet that debuted back in March of 2016.
The new tablet’s defining feature is its new slim-bezeled design, which lets Apple fit a 10.5-inch screen into a body that’s not all that different from the 9.7-inch tablet’s.

That larger screen is also used to fit more information: like the big iPad Pro, the 10.5-inch version can fit two “full” iPad apps side-by-side in Split View mode instead of one full app and one narrower, more phone-like app.
The new iPad pro features a bump to a spec we don’t often hear much about on iPad screens: the refresh rate. Under the cover of a feature called “Pro Motion,” the device’s display will use a 120Hz refresh rate instead of the default 60Hz.

Apple claims this will result in a better Apple Pencil input experience.

The iPad Pro can also dynamically adjust its display refresh rate to fit its native content refresh rate, like with 48Hz movies.
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