Mylan chairman: Drug pricing critics ought to go copulate with themselvesEnlarge / Mylan Chairman, Robert J.

Coury, had some spicy responses for critics. (credit: Getty | : Jamie McCarthy )
Some pharmaceutical companies are troubled by stratospheric drug prices.
Several have vowed to limit price hikes, for instance.

And the powerful drug lobbying group PhRMA is at least trying to distract consumers’ attention away from price gouging by dangling shiny advertisements about their life-saving research.
But there are some companies that just don’t care. Mylan appears to be one of those.
Despite intense backlash from customers and advocates, several federal investigations, and blustering lawmakers, the company has yet to drop the soaring price of its epinephrine auto-injectors, EpiPen, as the New York Times pointed out this weekend.

The paper sat down with 10 former high-ranking executives and Mylan’s current CEO Heather Bresch to try to understand their perspective.
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