Covfefe aside, late-night tweets are bad newsEnlarge (credit: Getty | Bloomberg)
Beware the late-night tweeting.
However amusing the typos, staying up to share 140 character quips can throw you off your game the next day—whether that’s going to your 9-to-5, playing on an NBA team, or, you know, running the free world.
According to preliminary data from a study of 112 professional basketball players and 30,000 of their tweets, nocturnal Twitter usage linked to poor performance in next-day games.

After tweeting between 11pm and 7am, players scored on average one fewer point and saw a 1.7-percent drop in their shooting accuracy than they did in games that did not follow late-night or early-morning tweeting.

The Twitter-fatigued players also saw their playing time drop by two minutes.
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