DiRT 4 review: as engaging as DiRT Rally but without the punishing difficulty

Last year, UK studio Codemasters blew my nomex racing socks off with DiRT Rally.

The achievement was all the more notable because—while I tend to stick almost exclusively to racing games—I haven’t really enjoyed off-road or rally games very much in the past. Now, Paul Coleman and his team at Codemasters have a new game for us that builds on the success of DiRT Rally, but it should entice a far wider audience.

Enter DiRT 4, available starting June 6 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.
While we praised DiRT Rally for its fantastic simulation, describing it as “punishingly difficult” is not unfair.

The game was also rather specialized, sticking very much to the discipline of rallying, with a little wheel-to-wheel rallycross thrown in for good measure. DiRT Rally was also a departure from the DiRT franchise, which had always been more accessible and aimed beyond just rallying’s infamous “bobble-hatted” fans.
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