For decades, industrial control systems have been generating enormous volumes of data, but in many cases that data hasn’t been fully employed to help companies reduce operating costs, improve reliability, and increase productivity—three goals that amount to the holy grail of manufacturing. Until recently, the path forward has been blocked by insufficient compute power, storage, and machine learning technologies to allow companies to harness the richness of the data they generate.Today, all of this is changing.

Thanks to the rise of the Industrial Internet of Things, dramatic advances in computing systems, and the rapid maturation of machine learning algorithms, manufacturers now have the ability to collect, store, and analyze huge amounts of data in real time to turn it into actionable information.

They can use this information to enhance operations, remedy equipment issues proactively, improve plant availability, and meet countless other goals that drive toward better margins for the business.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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