The Xbox One E3 Teaser Trailers

Using the slogan “Feel The Power,” Microsoft is teasing its E3 reveal of the next generation “Project Scorpio” Xbox in a set of videos.

A Twitter user has gone through the videos frame by frame—because truly, there’s no way you’ll ever notice these things at full speed—and discovered that the videos do a bit more than merely whet our appetites for the hugely powerful new Xbox that will be out later this year.

Six is greater than four. (credit: Microsoft)

First, a little Sony-trolling seems to be going on.

A funfair scene shows the text “6 > 4” on a tent.

This is presumably a reference to the compute power of Scorpio: its 6 teraflops of claimed GPU-based number crunching power is indeed greater than the 4 teraflops found in Sony hardware.

Fifty percent greater, in fact.

Has Microsoft just secretly announced the Xbox One Scorpio release date?Coded messages hint at release dates. (credit: Microsoft)

Has Microsoft just secretly announced the Xbox One Scorpio release date?This broken S is a console-related trademark. “S” is also the first letter of “Scorpio.” These facts may be related. (credit: EUIPO)

Second, and even more obscure, is a string of text in an enormous crowd scene, reading “X10S101-317.” “X10S” might be a reference to the Scorpio itself; earlier this week, a NeoGAF user found a European trademark application for a stylized S registered in the field of video game consoles and computer game software.

Don’t be shocked if “S” is very likely to be part of the Scorpio branding in some way.
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