Strong Arms: Brutally hard game feels more like the Nintendo I used to knowEnlarge / This beatdown is about to get savage. (credit: Nintendo)
Arms reminds me so much of the Nintendo that I used to know.
The company’s latest Nintendo Switch game contains no reboot of ancient characters; no tender hand-holding; no auto-steering assists if you’re struggling; no “grab the green mushroom for help” option. Arms looks a lot more like the Nintendo that won me over in the late 1980s: wide-eyed, fresh, excited, and eager to beat me into the ground.
As a companion to Mark Walton’s full review on Ars UK, I wanted to break down the elements of this new game’s difficulty (which apply whether or not you opt for its questionable motion controls) and what it says about a company that has been making video games for 40 years.

An entire generation missed Nintendo’s tougher era—and it’s about to get a spring-loaded Arms sock to the kisser.
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