A fine Thursday summer morning to you, fellow Arsians (or winter morning, if you’re south of the equator)! We’re ready to talk a little more about what’s next for Ars Technica and our partnership with GOG, and it should be pretty fun.
Our kickoff giveaway was a little unconventional, but wildly successful by any measure: we gave away about 300,000 codes for The Witcher, with only a few minor hiccups.

The response was overwhelming (indeed, we kind of broke the Ars front page for a short period of time); most importantly, based on the comments left on that post, you guys seem to largely approve of GOG and Ars teaming up.
This is good news, and we’ve taken it to heart.

The next aspect of that partnership is live right now: GOG has announced its “Adventurous Summer Sale” and has asked us to pick a list of our favorites from its catalog to be included in the event.
So we’re happy to present the Ars Technica collection—a bunch of games we love, on sale and discounted for the next two weeks.

Buy something and have fun! (Ars is not receiving any revenue from this sale—we merely picked the titles on the Ars Collection page.)
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