Enlarge / The creature at the bottom-left is a “flinger.” Here, you see it doing the flinging.

This doesn’t just look hilarious; it also will force anybody who has built a big sniper tower to feel less safe in their hidey hole. (credit: Epic Games)
LOS ANGELES—Remember Epic Games’ Fortnite? You’ve had ample opportunity to forget about this co-op tower-defense shooter, whether after its 2011 reveal or its uneven 2015 “return,” but Epic says that this time, honestly, truly, it’s ready to come out.
“This isn’t Fortnite‘s first rodeo,” Epic Creative Lead Donald Mustard said at a press event in May. “It’s not even its second.
It’s not even its third rodeo!”
After admitting that its initial 2011 reveal came “three weeks after we came up with the idea, before we even made the game,” Mustard said that Fortnite‘s years of development and fine-tuning would finally pay off with a real, coming-soon release date: July 24.
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