(credit: Aurich Lawson)
When you try to extrapolate console usage patterns from randomly sampled server data, you’re always looking for ways to test that data against reality. Microsoft shared a small slice of that reality this week, and it has us taking a second look at at least part of our recent, wide-ranging report on Xbox Live usage.
On Wednesday evening, Xbox Chief Marketing Officer Mike Nichols shared via Twitter that “roughly 50 percent of Xbox One owners have played” a backward compatible Xbox 360 game, putting in “over 508 million hrs” with the feature since it launched in late 2015.
Those numbers seem to contrast pretty heavily with what we see in our randomly sampled Xbox Live server data.

Assuming about 28 million total Xbox One owners for back-of-the-envelope math, Nichols’ number averages out to about 18 total hours of backward compatible play per owner.
In our approximately 4.5 month sample, we could expect that to translate to about 4.5 hours of backward compatible play per Xbox Live user.
Instead, we measured a 25.9 minute average during that period.
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