A brief scene from Infinity Baby

Set in a near-future version of Austin, Texas, Infinity Baby builds off a straightforward premise you might be able to glean from the title.

Allow Uncle Neo (played by a delightfully dry and bearded Nick Offerman) to explain.
“When abortion was made illegal on a federal level, Congress passed stem cell laws to placate the left—the Republicans said, ‘You give us abortion, we’ll give the Dems stem cell research,’” he says in what appears to be a company promotional video. “That allowed pharmaceutical giants like our parent company, (audio redacted), to proceed with genetic experiments.”
Company X did just that, and it soon stumbled onto a genetic defect that stalls aging.

This condition now impacts about 1,000 babies, so—as is the American way—Company X started a subsidiary to find paying homes for these forever infants.

Today, Neo acts as the CEO of this new venture, called Infinity Baby.
Its prized offerings come at a lucrative $20,000 per sale.
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