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Of all the video game franchises in all the genres in all the world, Doom is perhaps one of the strangest choices to turn into a board game. While it didn’t quite invent the first-person shooter, the first Doom—which came out in 1993 and is therefore older than most current pop stars—totally revolutionized gaming, sending players scrambling through endless gun-metal corridors, shooting the hell out of menacing pixel clusters that vaguely resembled demons.

Can that experience be replicated in a top-down board game?

Knee-deep in the dead: Doom the board game reviewed (credit: FFG)

I was 10 when Doom appeared, and it made me thoroughly motion-sick—an affliction that continues to this day.

The more leisurely turn-based experience of the new board game version is thus the perfect way for me to enjoy the Doom experience without a constant need to barf, even though the board game is mechanically different in every way from its video game predecessor.
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