Enlarge (credit: EA Originals / Hazelight)
LOS ANGELES—Maybe it was the lingering excitement from the EA press conference a few hours earlier.
It could have been the long day, the jet lag from his home in Sweden, or the cup of beer on the meeting-room table which kept on getting refilled.
Whatever the reason, film and video game director Josef Fares was amped up.

After being asked a softball question—”when did you team up with EA to release your upcoming game A Way Out“—Fares somehow locks eyes with all four writers in the room simultaneously.
“Let me tell you this: working with EA is great.

They never tell me what to do.
Super supportive.

The shit people say about EA? I’ve never seen anything like that.” Fares took a drink. “If someone comes to me and says, ‘if you do this, you’ll sell one million copies more,’ my answer would be, ‘go fuck yourself.'”
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