Xbox One Project Scorpio is no more.
Introducing Xbox One X, Microsoft’s stab at bringing 4K HDR visuals to console gamers with six teraflops of graphical grunt and a sleek design. It’s due for worldwide release on November 7, 2017.
As revealed earlier this year, the Xbox One X features six teraflops of processing power—more than the four teraflops of Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro, which also plays 4K games. Unlike the PS4 Pro, however, the Xbox One X’s extra processing power allows for a wider range of games to played in native 4K resolution, instead of via a variety of clever upscaling methods.
Powering the Xbox One X is an all-new AMD GPU, which features 40 “customised” Radeon compute units (compared to just 12 on the Xbox One and Xbox One S) clocked at an impressive 1172MHz.

By contrast, the original Xbox One GPU is clocked at 853MHz, and the PS4 Pro’s is clocked at 911MHz.
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