Enlarge / Beyond Good & Evil 2 will apparently star this hilarious, British-accented grappling-hook monkey. (credit: Ubisoft)
Beyond Good & Evil‘s oft-requested, long-teased sequel has finally, officially been confirmed by its publisher Ubisoft.

The company’s 2017 E3 press conference ended with BGE2‘s bombastic reveal via a lengthy, pre-rendered sequence.
Even without real-time gameplay or a confirmed release date, BGE2‘s reveal stole the show with a zany heist sequence loaded with original-game callbacks.

The reveal starred a larcenous talking monkey who tricks a black-market trader into accepting a fraudulent trade. (This black-market trader, by the way, goes by the name Pey’j and looks just like the talking pig of the same name from the original adventure game.)
Beyond Good and Evil 2 finally (!) exists, looks amazing

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