I remember the first time it happened to me.
I’d been an agile developer for less than a year. We were having our morning stand-up, and something felt off.

The room was oddly crowded.

The scrum master was having a heated discussion with a developer.

Everyone else was sitting heads-down on their laptops, paying no attention.Minutes passed.

A creeping suspicion grew into certainty.

This wasn’t the agile I’d read about.

This wasn’t the Agile Manifesto in action.

This wasn’t agile at all.
It was faux agile.With everyone from start-ups to the federal government jumping on to the agile bandwagon, there is plenty of room for variety.Faux agile, on the other hand, is deadly, invasive, and pretty easy to spot.  To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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