Enlarge / Alienware Area 51. (credit: Dell)
At E3 this year, Dell announced updates and changes to the Alienware line.

The massive Alienware Area 51 gaming desktop is getting a refresh to include AMD’s new Threadripper CPUs, and Alienware is getting its own gaming mice, mechanical keyboards, and monitors.
Until now, the Alienware family consisted of just laptops, desktops, and consoles, so gamers had to look elsewhere for peripherals to pair with their Alienware devices.

According to Dell, customers told the company they wanted mice, keyboards, and other gaming accessories so they could build an entire gaming ecosystem out of Alienware products.

Dell listened, and the result of that customer research are the new Alienware gaming mice, mechanical keyboards, and monitors.
The two new Alienware corded gaming mice both have on-the-fly DPI switching between precision and speed so they can match the tempo of the gaming they’re playing; the $49 Advanced Gaming Mouse has three configurable levels of DPI switching, while the $89 Elite Gaming Mouse has five.

Both have a swappable side grip so the user can adjust the ergonomics best for their hand, and the Elite Gaming Mouse has a three-position palm rest as well.
Inside the Elite Gaming Mouse are four weights the user can adjust depending on how heavy they like their mouse to be.

Both mice have 13 customizable buttons and RGB lighting, too, so users can change the lighting to match the rest of their system.
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