Xbox head Phil Spencer talks to Ars about the Xbox One X.
Video shot/edited by Andrew Falleroni. (video link)
Usually, when a gaming company releases a new console, it expects customers to quickly start clamoring for the latest and greatest and start ignoring its aging predecessor. With the November 7 launch of the $499 Xbox One X, though, Microsoft’s Head of Xbox Phil Spencer says he doesn’t expect the old, $249 Xbox One S to decline in popularity any time soon.
“[Xbox One] S will be the console that most people will buy,” Spencer told Ars at an interview before the E3 trade show. “Obviously we don’t know [the ratio]. When we designed [the One X], it’s not that we expected it to become the number one console from us… Xbox One S is a great console for the everyday gamer, someone who’s just looking to play games.”
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