Enlarge / The original Pixel was made by HTC and looked a lot like an LG phone, so maybe the Pixel 2 will look like this LG G6?
Google’s official bug tracker seems to have spilled the beans on the manufacturer of the next Pixel phone (or at least, one of the next Pixel phones).

A post—which was first spotted by 9to5Google—indicates that the lucky manufacturer is none other than LG.
When we last checked in with Google Pixel 2 rumors, there were going to be three devices, all with the usual fish-themed code names of “Walleye,” “Muskie,” and “Taimen.” Walleye was pegged as the smaller Pixel successor, Muskie was the Pixel XL 2, and Taimen was rumored to be something even bigger than the XL.

A report just yesterday from Android Police claims the XL successor, “Muskie,” is cancelled, and that Taimen, previously pegged an “XXL” device, will be handling the big phone duties.

The extra-large size is probably a reference to the screen size and not the body size, as slimmer bezels mean OEMs can squeeze ever-larger screens into the same size phone bodies.
It’s “Taimen” that was leaked in this bug report.

An LG employee is discussing a device’s USB-PD compliance and is told by a Google employee to reopen the bug under “Android > Partner > External > LGE > Taimen > power.” There’s our “taimen” codename, right in the directory structure, and In addition to the filing employee being from LG, the directory structure shows “LGE,” which is short for “LG Electronics.” It’s not clear if this means both phones are being made by LG, or just Taimen.
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