Destiny 2 gameplay in 4K, with the voice of Mark Walton. Make sure you click the cog and tell YouTube to give you the 4K stream.

Even for a game focused on multiplayer—PvP, co-op, or otherwise—a good single-player campaign is often a great way to introduce the basic mechanics to newbies before throwing them to the online wolves.
It’s also a great way to set up a story.

Technically, Activison’s MMO-shooter Destiny has a single-player, story-driven campaign.

But as many found after taking the time to complete it, Destiny‘s story was weak at best—a stumble attributed to a rocky development schedule and a hasty rewrite six months before launch.
Destiny 2 features a new story campaign to ease players into the ins and outs of its mechanics, but Bungie is promising a far richer experience this time around.
It even went as far as to hire Mass Effect writer Christopher Shlerf, who will hopefully knock the story into shape. Whether or not Bungie has been successful remains to be seen.

But, as luck would have it, Nvidia has the full “Homecoming” story mission on show at its E3 stand in glorious 4K on a GTX 1080 Ti.
The Homecoming mission isn’t strictly new; it was first shown at the Destiny 2 reveal earlier in the year.

But this is the first time Destiny 2 has been playable on PC.
It’s also the first time it’s been shown in 4K, and at maximum graphical settings. None of which says much about the game’s story, of course, but if you’re going to try and glean what you can from an old demo, you might as well do it in the most lavish way possible.
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