Enlarge / Toy with a giant Doom monster in VR, before you eventually try to kill it in a real mission. (credit: id Software)
LOS ANGELES—I didn’t go into this year’s E3 thinking that the virtual reality sector needed another danged shooting game.
Shooting galleries are already a dime a dozen on every consumer VR platform.

At this point, the genre needs something special to stand out.
It needs Doom.
My 10-minute demo with the series’ first official VR offering, Doom VFR, did not convince me that this was a must-have, gotta-buy-headset game.

But it did rise above the growing VR-shooter fray to thrill and exhilarate.

For my jaded eyes, that is no small feat. However, Doom VFR‘s speed, accessibility, and quality cast a pretty giant shadow on the other Bethesda VR offerings that I played this E3, Fallout 4 VR and Skyrim VR.
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