Enlarge / An Uber car waiting for a rider in Manhattan. (credit: Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
Adding to the embattled ride-hailing company’s troubles, Uber is now reportedly under investigation for privacy violations by the Federal Trade Commission.
It isn’t clear exactly what’s got the FTC investigators interested in Uber, which was reported earlier today by Recode.

The site speculates that it could be the employees’ use of “god view,” a tool that was used by some Uber employees to track the locations of some politicians and celebrities.
That would be in keeping with a trend at the FTC, which has been paying more attention to the privacy practices of tech companies in recent years.

Google reached an agreement with the FTC in 2012 related to undisclosed tracking in Safari, in which the company agreed to pay $22.5 million, a record fine.
In 2011, Facebook agreed to 20 years of privacy audits after the FTC alleged the company hadn’t followed its own privacy policies.
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