Mario and… Screw-igi? An unlikely duo if there ever was one. (Video of our full Mario + Rabbids demo below.) (credit: Ubisoft/Nintendo)
LOS ANGELES—If you had told me Super Mario would star in a Rayman Rabbids crossover game, I might have guessed it was a party or mini-game compilation. Maybe some zany arcade-sports or rhythm-dance experiment.
But an RPG? And one with turn-based, gun-fueled tactical combat?
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle finally answers the question nobody has ever asked: how an XCOM-styled game would feel with two series’ branded characters vying for the lead role. I tried to answer that question during a recent hands-on with the Nintendo Switch exclusive, but honestly, I’m still unsure. Even in its early demo version, this game already struggles to split the difference between tactical games’ depth and these mascots’ kid-friendly pedigree.
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