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Verizon is supporting a controversial rule that would help network operators deploy fiber much more quickly by giving them faster access to utility poles.
So-called “One Touch Make Ready” rules let ISPs make all of the necessary wire adjustments on utility poles themselves instead of having to wait for other providers like ATT and Comcast to send work crews to move their own wires.
Some cities passed their own One Touch Make Ready rules in order to help Google Fiber compete against incumbents. When Nashville passed such a rule, it was sued by Comcast and ATT. When Louisville passed a similar rule, it was sued by ATT and Charter.
Incumbent broadband providers usually think alike when it comes to regulation and competition.

But Verizon, which is planning to deploy a lot of fiber to support its wireless network, has asked the Federal Communications Commission to allow One Touch Make Ready in states that follow FCC pole attachment processes.
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