Enlarge / This high dynamic range mock-up does not truly represent how HDR images look compared to SDR ones.
Sadly, our experiences on the E3 show floor didn’t offer much more for anybody confused by the standard. (credit: Aurich Lawson)
LOS ANGELES—4K was on everyone’s lips at this year’s E3. We heard this buzz term (which has come to mean 3840×2160 pixel resolution) so many times that we almost made a drinking game out of it.
But the other buzz phrase for new TV sets, HDR, turned out to be a lot less prevalent.
I went to E3 expecting Microsoft, Sony, and other major game-hardware companies to pound on tables and emphasize how awesome their newest products looked with HDR features turned on.
Instead, I left E3 wondering when the technology’s most likely ambassadors will get around to converting the confused masses.
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