ESA President and CEO Michael Gallagher
The US video game industry’s largest trade and lobbying group, the Entertainment Software Association, sees the new Trump administration as a bit of a mixed bag as far as government policy is concerned.

That’s the takeaway from ESA President and CEO Mike Gallagher’s chat with a small group of reporters just before last week’s E3 trade show.
“We have a new administration in Washington that’s brought some challenges,” Gallagher said. “Gamers are feeling both ways. Remember, when you have almost everyone in this country as a gamer, and 80 percent of gamers voted in the last election, that means there are plenty of gamers that are highly disappointed or really excited about the outcome of the election. We sit in the middle of that conversation.”
When it comes to the ESA’s job of “extending and protecting the frontiers of this industry,” Gallagher said he sees some positives to the Trump administration’s policy positions. Republican plans for tax cuts and repatriation, for instance, “can be fantastic for bringing capital in, more investment in the industry, more dynamic creativity, and more jobs right here at home,” he said.
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