Enlarge / A Comcast service vehicle. (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
An electric utility in Tennessee has accused Comcast of not paying its bills for three years.

The utility says it will start removing Comcast wires from utility poles next week unless the cable company pays up.
In a notice on its website, the electric co-op said:
If Comcast does not pay the amounts owed to STEMC [Southwest Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation] by June 28, 2017, we will begin removing their attachments from our poles. Removal of Comcast cables will affect Comcast service to their customers in Tipton County. We regret that some customers may lose their Comcast service. However, the full cost and maintenance of these utility poles are borne by all members of STEMC, and we cannot allow STEMC members to subsidize Comcast’s services. We are hopeful that Comcast will make payment prior to the deadline and avoid the need to remove their cable attachments.
Comcast promised to pay the “correct amount,” but the industry giant says that STEMC tried to double its bill in 2015 and did not provide evidence to support the new amount until this month, according to a WREG news report last night.
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