Enlarge / US Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry addresses employees for the first time at the Department of Energy’s headquarters in Washington, DC, March 3, 2017.
Image courtesy Ken Shipp/US Department of Energy. (credit: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)
Energy Secretary Rick Perry spoke briefly this afternoon to a group of reporters to address topics in energy.

The Trump administration has deemed this week “Energy Week” and tasked its appointees, including Perry, to pitch what an “energy-dominant America” looks like to the American people.
Perry painted a vision of America’s energy future in broad strokes this afternoon and said that the US would become a net exporter of energy through natural gas and oil exports.

The Energy Information Administration has said that the US could become a net energy exporter by 2026. Perry, who has been dismissive of climate change in the past and has close ties to the fossil fuel industry, also called on the US to “reaffirm our commitment to clean energy,” while at the same time embracing fossil fuels.
“That binary choice between pro-economy and pro-environment that has perpetuated—or, I should say, been perpetuated by the Obama administration—has set up a false argument,” Perry said. “The fact is, we can do good for both—and we will.” Under the Obama administration, solar, wind, and natural gas jobs grew, although coal jobs did fall.
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