Enlarge / Back in my day… (credit: eBay / John Romero)
If you want to play the original version of Doom II, the game will set you back just $1.24 during the current Steam sale.
If you want a boxed copy of the original floppy disk version, circa 1994, there’s a copy available on eBay right now for $75.
But if you want Doom II floppy disks that were once owned (and potentially signed) by Doom co-creator John Romero, you’ll need to pay over $3,000.
That’s what we learned this week when Romero posted “Original DOOM 2 disks / 3.5″ floppies / PC” on eBay and promoted the listing via Twitter.

The auction drew 84 bids from 31 distinct bidders over three days, ending this morning with a winning bid of $3,150. “I will sign these disks if you like,” Romero wrote in the eBay description, leading us to wonder if that signature would increase or decrease the collector’s value (we kid).
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